Welcome to my site! Krümblbürgh and The Disgruntled Fairy are two recent books I have written and illustrated. Terminal City and Only are compilations of work I did for those two magazines. Personal pieces stretch from 1985 to the present (whenever that might be).

I’ve been looking at other websites, and they often extol the personal philosophies of their creators.


Anything that can go wrong, will, so you might as well enjoy it when it happens. All it takes to have adventures is to say “Yes” whenever they come along. And when you pack, whether going on holiday or moving house, wait until the last day to do it and keep glancing out the window as you throw your things into a suitcase. It will feel like the mob are closing in on you, which makes it twice as exciting.

(Full disclosure: The above aphorisms aren’t really philosophy. While I have managed to live approximately half my life by these “rules”, readers should understand they only hold true for people who already believe the same things. One of my many heroes, Kurt Vonnegut, once wrote “we are placed upon this Earth to fart around. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.” While there are many aspects of the world I would love to change, and usually make a concerted effort to do so, it’s also important to realise people have been declaring this the worst possible time to be alive for about 5000 years now.)

This site is a frivolous opportunity to play, and splash across a computer screen the results. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, I hope you enjoy the opportunity to not enjoy it.