During the five years I helped write, edit and illustrate both Terminal City and Only Magazine I did some fantastically fun doodles and cartoons. With John Cow as designer and my partner in happycrimes I knocked out hundreds of drawings for my regular theatre review columns, political rants and quantum-flapdoodlery. The most extravagant stuff, such as the centrespreads we poured our longest, most drunken, hernia-inducing-laughter-filled-evenings into– they unfortunately have been lost. Also, they wouldn’t have fit into the format of this site. However, a good number of the material accompanying my reviews were saved and the best are presented here. These pictures were scrawled on the fly, to ironclad deadlines nobody as inebriated as us should have been able to see coming, never mind meet with miraculous regularity. Most took between half to three quarters of an hour to do. I am all the prouder of them for that.

It was a magical time that ended too soon. TC and Only were concocted by an incredibly talented gaggle of people that I am honoured to have worked and become friends with. These pictorial squibs are the only evidence I have that it ever actually happened.